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1 a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries
2 the main house on a ranch or large estate

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Spanish hacienda


  1. a large homestead in a ranch or estate usually in places where Colonial Spanish culture has had architectural influence.




  1. hacienda

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For the Manchester discotheque, see The Haçienda. In Spanish, Ministerio de Hacienda means "Ministry of Public Finances", or Treasury. The equivalent in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay is Estancia. The Portuguese language equivalent is Fazenda. The UK equivalent is estate'' and the USA equivalent is "plantation".
Hacienda is a Spanish word for an estate, usually, but not always, a vast ranch. Some haciendas were plantations, mines, or even factories. Many haciendas combined these productive activities.
The hacienda system of Argentina, parts of Brazil, Mexico and New Granada was a system of large land-holdings that were an end in themselves as the marks of status, which produced little for export beyond the hacienda itself, which aimed for self-sufficiency in everything but luxuries meant for display, which were destined for the handful of people in the circle of the patrón.
Haciendas originated in land grants, mostly made to minor nobles, as the grandees of Spain were not motivated to leave, and the bourgeoisie had little access to royal dispensation. It is in Mexico that the hacienda system can be considered to have its origin in 1529, when the Spanish crown granted to Hernán Cortés the title of Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca, which entailed a tract of land that included all of the present state of Morelos. Significantly, the grant included all the Indians then living on the land and power of life and death over every soul on his domains. There was no court of appeals governing a hacienda. The unusually large and profitable Jesuit hacienda Santa Lucia near Mexico, established in 1576 and lasting to the expulsion in 1767, has been reconstructed by Herman W. Konrad (1980) from archival sources. This reconstruction has revealed the nature and operation of the hacienda system in Mexico, its serfs, its systems of land tenure, the workings of its isolated, interdependent society.

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arable land, barnyard, barton, cattle ranch, chicken farm, collective farm, cotton plantation, croft, dairy farm, demesne, demesne farm, dry farm, dude ranch, estate, factory farm, fallow, farm, farmery, farmhold, farmland, farmplace, farmstead, farmyard, fruit farm, fur farm, grain farm, grange, grassland, home place, homecroft, homefarm, homestead, house and grounds, house and lot, kibbutz, kolkhoz, location, mains, manor farm, messuage, orchard, pasture, pen, place, plantation, poultry farm, ranch, rancheria, rancho, sheep farm, station, steading, stock farm, toft, truck farm
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